Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Their early stuff

A perky picture of The Beatles, a band of friendly mop-tops from our green isle's very own liverpool. It's called liverpool because its waters are like the delicious lipid-rich tissues of foie gras from a plump french goose. In other words, lots of people used to get drugs into england via liverpool then store them in their livers.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Solid Goods

A few recently penned items that are floating around... past scoops to follow some other day.

Nackt Insecten: 7"
A Site Specific Piece Of Avant-Garde Sound Art, Nothing To Be Worried About (Memoirs of an Aesthete)

Ross Parfitt: tape cover
Swell to Great (Lotus Birth)

White Pee: CD jacket
Mudclaude (
Apollalaan Recordings)

Century Plants Artwork

Recent artwork for Century Plants (Albany heavy psych drone duo and all-round good guys). Its fate is hanging in the rafters, originally for LP insert but now possibly bumped to LP sleeve. Made use of French inks and playground knowledge of psychology GCSE.

Following the Gravy Train

Pictures mainly. German descriptions. Flexing the hand-shake.