Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Sleeping Brain

Sleeping through the hours; a natural phenomenon that we can appreciate, but when was the last time you considered this in all its perplexing glory?  You may have some idea of how your brain disengages with your conscious mind; it knows not to pull the plug totally of course! Regulatory systems keep the lungs receiving and distributing friendly oxygen and a pump at the back of your neck releases some sticky-stuff into the blood: hormones.  Pump, pump go the hormones as you sleep like a slug on your pillow with silvery catarrh forging with plaque from the bowl of Cheerios you ate before you hit the hay. Potassium and sodium are the salty brothers deciding who can or cannot pass through the cell membranes.  Brain is now recuperating delicious energy from mitochondria. Keep on keeping on!

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