Tuesday, 25 November 2014

There is no app to share smells

I am thinking about smells. Different smells swoop in and out of our heads, registered by the numskulls filing all our arbitrary experiences and linking them with thin-spider web like connections to form very complex patterns. A process too complex for you or I to understand. Nevertheless, the numbskulls are darning up associations and likes and dislikes no doubt by way of a chipper little algorithm.

Yesterday I smelt something curious from the suitcase I have been living from over the past month. I followed slowly, the cord from the nostril to the neurone soup of the brain. The smell was waxy, calcified. Plaquey like a Yorkie bar or a Brazil Nut. Sweet a touch, like milk. A delicious smell, haunting the reverie of my suitcase.

I seemed to like the smell. However, it's source was unknown.

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